A contemplative man at home

He is kind, hard-working and content, with many books on his shelves, though he barely has time for them. The button down sweater is a bit tight but it does the job just as well as a coat. His neck tie reminds him who he was, who he is, and his worn work pants make him grateful he can continue to put food on the table. “One in four, one in four, one in four”, his eyes keep repeating. He’s just come home. But first, he patiently pauses for his wife’s photograph.



The snow is meandering in the chilled air. The distant sound of the radio and the smell of her roasted potatoes moves him up the slippery porch stairs, through the creaky screen door (which he still intends to replace), and straight to the sofa, delicately adorned with her lace dollie, where he will soon wrestle off his work boots, sigh his heavy sigh, and rest his faithful but burdened feet.

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