About Mosstique

It’s not just an old dress, dusty forgotten shoes, or a rusty candlestick holder. The lure of the dusty and the mossy is the story, the mystery, the nostalgic idealistic escape we enjoy when we imagine who came before us.
Hi, my name is Carrie Langston. I am a vintage and antique finder, keeper, mender, and care-taker. I’m also a dreamer, a photo-taker, a writer, a prayer, and a tale bearer. I simply can not hold on to the good and dusty for very long without spinning a tale round it.

There is so much story to tell, mishap and mayhem to report; fantastical adventure and heroic deeds to mention. You simply must stay a while. There’s still plenty of room on the davenport, and here is your tea (though I suggest you wait a bit as it is quite hot right now).

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